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Splash Dash and Roman Blinds for Impact in Kitchens

April 25, 2012   

Splash, dash, bish, bash, bosh…… what splash back will be protecting your walls from the frills and spills of life in a hectic kitchen?? With so many options available why not make your kitchen walls a little bit more exciting.

There is one thing for sure when it comes to the area behind your kitchen counters, whatever you put there it needs to be practical and durable. Aside from this anything goes. So here is some inspiring ideas of how to revamp your kitchens splash back.

Tiles may sound a little obvious but pattern tiles are making a real come back. Our obsession with cream and neutral is well and truly over. Pattern is the way forward. From retro inspired geometric designs to cutesy kitsch and country patterns, tiles can be a great way to make a feature out of your splash area.

A splash back of your work top can make a lovely seamless line between the counter top and the wall behind. This sleek look work particularly well in contemporary style kitchens. It can be made out of anything from granite to marble or stainless steel. They can also be very durable and easy to clean.

Wallpaper… might not sound like a practical option but if you place clear toughened glass over the wallpaper then it becomes a very versatile and durable splash back. You can then literally choose any wallpaper and change it as often as you like, giving you a huge injection of colour, pattern and personality to your kitchen. The same principle will work with painting behind the glass splash back.

Mirrors can be another exciting new idea for creating a splash back with a difference. Bright and light, a mirrored splash back will help make a dark kitchen feel brighter and bigger or it can add a hint of glamour to sophisticated space. A aged glass or smoky finish can add a more subtle hint of luxury. Like glass it can be toughed to make it durable and a safety backing film can be added for extra caution.

Whatever splash back you opt for finish off your kitchen revamp with a new custom roman blinds. The ideal choice for a busy stylish kitchen, they are not only hugely fashionable they are also very practical as they fold up neatly out of the way when not needed and add an injection of colour and pattern to a space. With a huge range of fabrics they can be made from there will be a fabric to suit every splash back.

Do cheap bunk beds offer quality?

March 23, 2012   

Consumers all want to buy cheap bunk beds that offer quality as well as economy. There are a number of variables that parents have to consider when purchasing bunk beds for their children. They must remember that as a space saver, bunk beds are historically the first option for families with limited sleeping accommodation in the home. The plain wood style functional bunks of yesteryear have been transformed into iconic fashion statements by the various manufacturers who have introduced new attractive styles to romance the fashion conscious younger generation of the new millennia. All styles of bunk beds are “de rigeur” the in thing in terms of what is fashionable sleeping accommodation and parents are well advised to take cognisance of their children’s foibles regarding bunk bed preferences before making any purchases. If bunk beds are the solution to bedding demands, in principle, then there is a wealth of choice of types designs and colours. There is also the additional feature of wood or metal bunks, which is often a personal choice for the intended sleeping host. Once this particular choice is made, based on whatever criteria, there is then the whole question of actual bunk bed type. This factor will depend on the demands of the family and how many children have to be accommodated. For example if three kids have to be catered for the the obvious choice would be a triple sleeper or three sleeper bunk bed which can provide sleeping space for three in one bedroom. This is optimising limited space and ensuring that each child has adequate sleeping accommodation. It is not exactly 5 star standard but in cramped living space it can be 5 star value in terms of children’s expectations. If it is a case of only one child being accommodated then they can make personal choices based on comfort and privacy considerations. They can opt for loft bunk beds which provide a high top tier bunk bed with open space below for a work station, digital games area,sofa, or wardrobe and chest. Alternatively they can choose a high sleeper bunk bed , a bunk bed with stairs or a futon bunk bed with a bunk on top and a lower bunk doubling as a sofa below. For this lucky youngster who can avail of style as well as substance they can enjoy the added bonus of having a bedroom to themselves. However many children prefer to share with siblings rather than sleep alone and this is simply a gregarious tendency, a natural characteristic of human and animal communities. It is even possible to accommodate up to six sleepers in a larger bedroom by installing two sets of triple bunk beds. This is an option for large families who are restricted to two or three bedrooms. Without considering the fashion aspect of bunk beds the functionality is primarily the main criteria for families with limited sleeping space and they are normally delighted to make their choices based on needs rather than whims.